Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Official Launch: Amazon Nifty CPanel for Amazon Affiliates

Now officially released!

If you're already an Amazon affiliate then this is for you. The new Amazon Nifty CPanel brings you all the ease and convenience of the Nifty for Zazzle you already know and love.

Here's the list of promoting options available in Step 2:
  • Individual product sharing, streamlined for
    • Pinterest
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • Email sharing to autopost blogs only - do NOT send to real people as this will get you banned as an affiliate from Amazon so fast your feet won't touch the ground!
  • Generate HTML code for pasting into websites and blogs
    • Static Product Grid - pure html
    • Live Product Grid - html and javascript
    • Live Slideshow - html and javascript
    • Horizontal Scroller - pure html
    • Vertical Scroller - pure html
    • Slider - pure html
    • Linkify text - pure html
Individual product sharing works best for social media - and autopost blogs in the case of email sharing.

All the pure html options in the code generation section also include embedded style sheets, so will only work if your blog / site supports them in pasted html code.

Google's Blogger is an example of one that supports all the code generation options, as well as the email sharing (to your secret email address) to create blog posts.


PS As this is a new release I'd really appreciate getting your feedback in the comments. Thanks!

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Live product grid from Amazon code generated by Nifty

One of the code generation options in the upcoming Nifty Amazon Promo Control Panel is a live product grid. "Live" means that it is pulled afresh from AMazon for each visitor.
As these come from Amazon's best sellers lists, you'll always see the trending products as voted for by people's wallets.
Here's the best sellers from Home and Kitchen (first page).

Nifty Amazon Promo Control Panel is getting there

I'm happy that progress is going well with the new Nifty Amazon Promo Control Panel :)

As well as the code generation for horizontal and vertical scrollers I posted about yesterday, the following code generation option are now working as well:
  • linkify
  • static product grid
  • live product grid
  • slideshow (always pulls live from Amazon)
And here's the slideshow in action:

Fetching ...won't be a tick!

Cool, hey?

Monday, 20 November 2017

Progress on the Amazon version of my Nifty Promo Control Panel

I've been working on a version of my Nifty Promo Control Panel for Amazon associates. I'm making good progress with the code generation options.

Here's a horizontal slider it made of the second page of the best sellers in the Kitchen and Home department as of today:

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Rich Pins for Zazzle products that include your referral id & tracking code

Stumped on how to include your referral id and tracking code and still get a rich pin of a Zazzle product on Pinterest? Here's the answer - guaranteed to work every time!

Summary of steps to get your rich pin

If you don't want to watch the short, 3 minute video above, here's the steps:
  1. Open the product page of what you want to pin and copy what's in the address bar (the url) ready for what follows
  2. Open Pinterest in a new browser window and hover over / tap the white-plus-in-a-red-circle

  3. Tap / click the option you'll see to "save from site"
  4. Paste what you just copied into the dialog box
  5. Type ?rf= on the end and then paste in your referral id
  6. Type &tc= on the end and give the tracking code you want (e.g. pinterest_test
  7. Tap / click the next button
  8. Choose the board you want to put it on
That's it, you now have a rich pin that includes your referral id and tracking code!

Here's the created Rich Pin

Here's the pin I created in the video - check it out and you'll see it's a rich pin, as indicated by having a price and a description from the product page's own description:

If you hover over the pin, you'll see the referral id and tracking code in the displayed link at the bottom left of your browser window.

That was nice and easy, wasn't it?! Please share this post or the video with your Zazzler friends so they can benefit, too :)

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Working on the upcoming V3.5 release of NiftyGridZPro

I've been using NiftyGridZPro a lot over the last few months and each time I've come up against one of those "wouldn't it be nice if..." moments, I've upgraded it to make that wish come true.

About the only thing I kept bumping up against recently was the need to be able to embed a product grid within a following paragraph, like this:

grid with shortcode option: paragraph_embed="R"

So I've now added a new shortcode option, paragraph_embed, that deals with it. It's available for the first time in the upcoming V3.5 release of NiftyGridZPro.

Find out more on the official post about using paragraph embedding

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Working on the affiliate benefits of NiftyGridZPro

With the rate of new versions of NiftyGridZPro having slowed, I've been turning my attention to a new audience I'm trying to cultivate - those who want to have more of a focus on affiliating with Zazzle, rather than just promoting their own product designs.

As part of that, I've written two blog posts that both guide potential affiliates and can act as material to support them in their sales funnel:

Doing well in search engines

The first one is also relevant to anyone who wants their blog posts to do well with search engines. Why? Because it guides you into how to write a blog post that's appealing and engaging for people. And when you also follow the SEO tips, it'll be equally appealing to search engines.

What you won't get is the focus that you get when you know you can rely on NiftyGridZPro to do the grunt work and techy parts of getting relevant products displayed in your post.

and also...

On other matters, I've one last update to make to the upcoming NiftyGridZPro release - watch this space for more in the next few days.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Pocket watches for the legal profession

Lawyer Pocketwatch Designs

Now that work on NiftyGridZPro has moved from active development to business-as-usual, I've been working on some new lawyer designs over at Zazzle.

Just recently, they added really gorgeous pocketwatches to the products we can design for. They look beautiful and are available in gold and silver, with precision Japanese mechanism.

There's nothing classier than a fob watch and these designs for lawyers / attorneys at law simply ooze authority. Use with the supplied matching chain and hook buckle clasp to finish off the look.

The outer casing is made from premioum alloy but it's the inside we need to talk about! The roman-numeral dial works in both formal and informal settings, the office or going about your daily routine.

There are four colors to choose from:
  • Golden Rose for a feminine appeal
  • Lilac for the wise and enduring woman
  • Golden look for the traditionalist
  • Ice blue on silver for someone who keeps a cool head
Each background has a metallic-look, designed to make the dial and text absolutely crystal clear. Just provide your name and your professional title to make it truly, uniquely yours. Part of the dress to impress range.

Get yours just by clicking the one you like most and typing your details into the boxes provided. Makes a great retirement gift, too!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Zazzle affiliate tool - WordPress Plugin

I've been focusing on two things over the last few days:
  • NiftyGridZPro V3.5 brings a speedup when using the local domains feature
  • NiftyGridZPro as an affiliate tool

Affiliate tool

Most of my publicity material for NiftyGridZPro has so far been aimed at Zazzle artists / storekeepers as a way for them to easily showcase their design / product combinations on their self-hosted WordPress blogs / sites.

It's well-known by any Zazzler that they can also act in the capacity of an affiliate - earning referral commission by showcasing other Zazzle artists' work in addition to or instead of their own.

But there's nothing to prevent anyone being a Zazzle affiliate. It's actually something that's actively encouraged by them, with regular and frequent promotion campaigns, money-off vouchers and affiliate competitions.

So I've written a blog post aimed at non-Zazzlers who want to monetize their self-hosted WordPress blogs. Perhaps they have already tried other ways to earn from their blog and want to try something new.

Affiliate tool post

Thursday, 28 September 2017

WordPress Zazzle Plugin - V3.4 NiftyGridZPro released

I've just released V3.4 of my NiftyGridZPro Wordpress Zazzle plugin. It's the Local Domains release.

I'm a bit sad I had to restrict it to product grids with 6 or fewer items. I had to because it does add to the page-load time for larger grids.

When Zazzle provide a clean way of ensuring only products for the given international domain are made available, that restriction won't be needed anymore and I'll update the plugin.

Anyway, if you're serious about your Zazzle business and you're ready to move to the next level, a self-hosted WordPress site / blog with the NiftyGridZPro Zazzle plugin is one way to go.

If you're dithering about when to make the move, perhaps this coupon will encourage you: use OFF40SEP2019 to get 40% off the September 2019 license. Expires October 7th, so you'd better be quick! Use it here